Friday, 17 October 2014

Social Media: My First Style Q&A!

I asked you lovely lot to tweet me your style questions for my first Q&A:

@frxncxsca_ ‘who is your style inspiration?’

Olivia Palermo.  Her style is effortlessly impeccable and she is prepared to take risks with mixing and matching creating her own look.

@shaunycat ‘Which outfit do you feel most confident in?’

Firstly, I think it is really important to know what clothes to wear for your shape.  You have to feel comfortable in order to be confident.

With workwear, I adore the classic shift dress.  At home, currently, I am a lot more relaxed with double denim being one of my favourite looks.

@chicademics 'Is showing any part of your bra considered a fashion faux pas?'

Yes! I am not a fan of clear straps either so would rather go without!

Hana xx

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this post as I will be doing my first beauty Q&A very soon.

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