Thursday, 16 July 2015

Style Special: Interview with Founder of Les Amies Anglaises

I have been fortunate to exclusively interview Oriana Abbondanza, Founder of Les Amies Anglaises London, a contemporary Prêt à Couture label for women. 

1. How did you get into fashion?

My first approach with the fashion industry was working for a fashion distribution company in Madrid specialising in high-end French and Italian labels.  I then worked in Milan and finally moved to London where I started to attend courses at the University of the Arts, London and working within an international company heavily involved with the fashion Industry.

2. What prompted you to start your own label?

I have been working in fashion and luxury goods for the last 15 years but never in the "creative area" of the business but since I moved to London, the idea of having my own label and my own company became stronger and stronger in my mind.  The idea of designing tops came suddenly, even if at the beginning it was just about designing simple t-shirts, the label became more elaborated welcoming the LAAL collection - each top is a masterpiece itself.  I wanted to use a simple item as a top and make it a statement!

3. Can you sum up your brand in one sentence?

Les Amies Anglaises London, also known as LAAL, is an artisanal ‘Prêt à Couture’ label for sophisticated "warrior" women, creating edgy handmade tops made from 100% silk to cater to a market that want to flaunt their avant-garde personality.

My Favourite Piece: Rêverie

4. What/who inspires you?

London is my main inspiration.  It is such an artistic city for creative people and everything can inspire me really from a graffiti wall, art exhibitions, people in the street and also the simple nature around me - the ADASTRA top was inspired by the stars of the Summer sky in Rome (my hometown)! The silver studs of the tops recalled a sky full of stars in Rome!

5. Do you have a favourite piece from your e-boutique?

This is a very difficult question to answer!  I have to say that I love each of the twelve tops of the SILK OBSESSION collection because of the hard work that goes into each one.  I love ADASTRA - I can't thank my couturieres enough and their patience because it was really complicated to sew the studs! I honestly love all of the collection - each piece is special to me!

6. What advice can you give aspiring fashion designers?

I can't really give any advice because I am still learning but fight for your dreams and believe in your ideas but at the same time, stick to "reality" and never lose sight of it because sometimes we have to accept that things don't come as we wish! 

7. What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion?

I firmly believe we have to take care of our planet and keep it safe and contribute to a healthy environment.  We need to make more effort and more support is needed.

8. What are your plans for the future?

This year is about promoting the brand and gaining visibility.  We will therefore be showcasing the label at international fashion shows such as Scoop, Tranoï in Paris and White in Milan.

Hana xx

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