Sunday, 20 December 2015

Beauty: Festive Nails

From a pantomime to Christmas lunch and Secret Santa, festive nails are a great addition to a mother-approved outfit or your novelty Christmas jumper.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sophie, Beauty Therapist and Owner of Cache Spa in Tarporley, Cheshire.  Sophie offers a range of treatments including Jessica GELeration for which I chose to create 'Festive Nails'.

On the left hand, I opted for an almost holographic effect.  To achieve this, Sophie applied a coat of ‘Sterling Queen’ then rubbed 'Diamond Glitter' on to each nail and finished with a coat of ‘Wedding Band’.

On the right hand, I selected a gold glitter effect using a coat of ‘Palladium’ followed by 'Rose Gold' glitter rubbed on to each nail and finally, a coat of 'Golden Goddess'.

The manicure included a lovely massage with Jessica's Hand and Body Emulsion and overall, lasted an hour.

Jessica GELeration provides impeccable nails lasting up to one month whilst protecting your natural nails.

Cache Spa will officially open next month and I am already looking forward to my next treatment.  A big thank you to Sophie, Cache Spa for the invitation and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

Hana xx

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